Providing the building blocks towards a positive tomorrow


Holistic Approach, Personalized Service, Empowering Clients, Flexibility, Understand the Client’s Contex, Delivery and Support and Long-Term Partnership



Achieve quality assurance with all products and services.


Uphold transparent and honest dealings in all its endeavors.


Adopt new ideas that enhance the learning and training methodologies currently in use.

Let us introduce ourselves

About Vargatex

Vargatex is an innovative social enterprise that develops solutions, designed specifically for African businesses. Our expertise includes
software development, ICT hardware sourcing and deployment, project management and ICT consulting with a focus for knowledge driven
institutions and businesses. We are an organization that looks at tackling social problems with business solutions.

Flexible solutions for your business needs

We believe that the best way to achieve socio-economic objectives in a time of prevalent capitalism is to bring business into the arena of achieving socially conscious objectives. We endeavour to achieve all this through our solutions.

Our solutions will revolutionize business and institutional operations with respect to efficiency and effectiveness in South Africa and the continent at large. This in line with our company’s mission of providing KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL


  • To change the shape of business operations through technology and innovative solutions;
  • To become the brand champion that leads the change towards effective and efficient business operations in terms of performance, quality and revenue (profit).


  • To create solutions that look to advance the manner in which all operations are conducted (cost effective, efficient and informative)
  • Provide knowledge for all


  • Modernize institutions and improve efficacies by adopting available technologies
  • Automate and improve administrative tasks
  • Ease of access to business material and tools
  • De-centralize business operations
  • Empower clients to conduct their tasks more effectively